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Showcase of Stars: Experience Local Talent at Gathering on the Green's Best of the Blueburg Cafe

This summer, under the summer skies of Mequon, WI, experience the pinnacle of local talent with The Best of the Blueburg Cafe on Saturday, July 13. This event, a highlight at Gathering on the Green, showcases the most exceptional artists from the Cedarburg Cultural Center's open mic nights.

The Best of the Blueburg Cafe isn't just a performance; it's a celebration of the brightest local stars in music, poetry, dance, and more. Throughout the 2023-24 season, performers at the Blueburg Cafe (hosted by the Cedarburg Cultural Center) have captivated audiences with their creativity and passion. Now, the top eight talents from these nights will grace our stage, giving you a taste of the extraordinary local artistry our community harbors.

What to Expect

Each performance at Gathering on the Green will be judged by a panel of esteemed local musicians and music industry professionals. This means not only a night of great entertainment but also a crucial stepping stone for these artists, as they receive valuable feedback and exposure.

Join us at The Best of the Blueburg Cafe on Saturday, July 12 to support and celebrate our local stars under the stars! Let’s make this summer unforgettable at Gathering on the Green, where community and music come together in perfect harmony.

The Day of The Event

  • Where: Community Tent at Gathering on the Green Music Festival

  • Artists: To Be Announced

  • When: To Be Announced

About the Blueburg Cafe

The Blueburg Cafe is more than a venue; it's a space where artists refine their craft, hone their performance skills, and build their stage presence. This collaboration with Gathering on the Green creates a unique pathway for local artists, offering them a platform to shine and an audience eager to support.

The Blueburg Cafe is open for performers of all kinds, musicians, singers, poets, dancers, comedians, and storytellers. This is not just an opportunity to perform but a chance to join a supportive community that nurtures rising talent. For more information, visit Cedarburg Cultural Center's Blueburg Cafe page.

Where to Find the Blueburg Cafe during its regular season:

Cedarburg Cultural Center

W62N546 Washington Avenue

Cedarburg, WI 53012

Phone: 262-375-3676

About the Cedarburg Cultural Center

Situated in the heart of Cedarburg, WI, the Cedarburg Cultural Center is a beacon for the arts. It's a place where creativity is celebrated and community is forged. Whether you're looking to perform at the Blueburg Cafe or enjoy an evening at Gathering on the Green, you're becoming part of a tradition that uplifts and inspires. Join us in this journey of music, art, and community connection. See you there!

Supporting and Performing

Whether you want to perform or support local artists, the Blueburg Cafe is a prime destination to witness the vibrant happenings in our local arts scene. It's a space where artists and audiences alike come together in celebration of creativity and community. Don't miss out on this unique experience to engage with the arts at the heart of Cedarburg.


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