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What We Do

More than Concerts

Gathering on the Green Provides a Pathway to Mental Health Resources through Live Music

From the outside, the annual Gathering on the Green concert might look like another fun summer night.  Since 1995, the organization has put on annual concerts in Mequon.  


There’s a reason why Gathering on the Green has chosen music as the pathway to provide mental health resources.“Music brings people together.  Think about the concerts that you go to… everyone singing together - in unison,” said Melissa Shneyder of Gathering on the Green. 


“When the crowd sings along this summer to Barracuda or We Built This City, everyone will feel that brain boost and a feeling of community.  They’ll get happy and see everyone else feeling the same way. It kind of feeds on itself and becomes cyclical throughout the concert.”

What Happens When the Music Stops?

This is where the mission of Gathering on the Green starts. It’s about mental health and well-being and providing resources and partnerships. A longtime partner is the Kubly Foundation. The foundation focuses on giving access for people who struggle with depression and for their friends and family members impacted by those struggles. Shneyder added “Through our partnership with the Charles E. Kubly Foundation we can ensure that there is access to mental health resources.”

Partnership with the Charles E. Kubly Foundation

“This partnership is a win-win for both of our organizations who serve southeastern Wisconsin. Our goal of positively impacting those affected by the disease of depression can be met with music and the arts,” said Kris Rick,  Executive Director and Business Manager of the Charles E. Kubly Foundation. “Additionally, when you consider the vast number of people that will be reached and hear about our joint missions, you can imagine how stigma associated with depression and mental health will break down and conversations will begin that can lead to healing and support. It’s great for our North Shore Community and beyond!”

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