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Blues Concert with Fabulous Thunderbirds and The Stephen Hull Experience: Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Tickets Now!

Fabulous Thunderbirds, Stephen Hull Experience, blues concert in Mequon, WI

Let's slice through the remaining chills of March with visions of July's sultry soul. Envision those long, lazy evenings where the vibe is cooler than a cucumber in a gin and tonic, and the beats are hotter than a July afternoon. This July 12th, Mequon transforms; it’s not just a dot on the map, but the very heartbeat of summer – welcome to a blues concert at Gathering on the Green.

Why the early buzz? Imagine a night where Grammy-worthy grooves from The Fabulous Thunderbirds and the guitar antics from local hero The Stephen Hull Experience collide under a canopy of stars. This isn't just any blues concert. It's a meld of legends, rhythm, and the pure magic of Mequon, crafting stories in melodies and forging memories that linger.

Feeling it yet? Here's the lowdown – we've compiled the Top 10 Reasons to get your tickets now to this Blues Extravaganza at Rotary Park!

  1. Grammy Grooves Under the Stars: Get up close with the legends themselves while The Fabulous Thunderbirds deliver those Grammy-nominated licks and Wisconsin's own Stephen Hull, fresh from an award winning trip to the International Blues Festival. It’s your front-row seat to history in the making.

  2. Echoes of The King Biscuit Blues Festival Picture this – Exactly one year apiary Fabulous Thunderbirds and Stephen Hull have taken the stage at the legendary King Biscuit Blues Festival, and now they are uniting in Mequon.

  3. From Montreux to Mequon: Stephen Hull, carrying the echoes of Montreux in his melodies, brings that world-renowned jazz and blues right to our green. It’s a journey from the Swiss lakeside of the Montreux Jazz Festival to our hometown, no passport required.

  4. The Soundtrack to Summer Memories: This isn’t just live music; it’s the live music that’ll become the backdrop of your summer memories, the stories you’ll tell, and the songs you’ll hum, long after the leaves have turned.

  5. Starry Nights & Melodic Bites: Get a bite from our food trucks, lay your blanket under the night sky, let the music envelop you, and share a moment that’s more than just a meal – it’s a feast for the soul.

  6. Redefining Romance: Ditch the cliché date nights for something that truly sways the heart. Under the glow of the stars and the sway of blues, find a new beat to dance to with someone special.

  7. A Runway of Festival Fashion: See and be seen! Mequon becomes your catwalk, showcasing your summer's best – from retro band tees to the latest festival trends. It’s where your style meets your love for live music.

  8. Brews, Blues, and the Best of Friends: The perfect trio – chilling with your closest pals, a cold brew in hand, as the blues play the soundtrack to your summer night’s tale.

  9. A Community of Rhythm & Souls: More than a concert, it’s a gathering of hearts, each beat and note pulling us closer, under the July Mequon sky.

  10. Be Part of the Legend: This night, this music, this vibe – it’s yours to claim. Be part of the lore of Mequon’s most unforgettable summer night. Where stories are born, legends are made, and the blues play on.

... And that’s just scratching the surface.

So, are you ready to leap into the deep end of blues, bask under the glow of the stars, and live out the summer night set to redefine cool? CLICK HERE to secure your entry into the ultimate summer soul session that’ll have you buzzing till the leaves start to fall.


Don’t miss this train; it's cooler with you on it. Tickets are moving like the hottest tracks on a blues chart. Snag yours now and let’s light up this summer with unforgettable vibes and rhythms, together.

Thank you always to Newcastle Place and Gentian Financial Inc. for their support!


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