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Making The World a Better Place Through Music

Through Music Together, Gathering on the Green partners with music industry professionals to develop and offer programs that benefit our community partners. Using music as a tool to aid in education, healing, expression, appreciation, and positively impacting lives. Our goal is to excite people about the arts by exposing them to all aspects of the music and entertainment business. Our community partners represent all ages, ethnicities, and socioeconomic groups.


In partnering with Balance Inc, we have developed four distinct experiences for the full spectrum of students and adults they serve, who have developmental disabilities. These four programs include monthly sessions of Music Therapy for K-7th graders and 8th-12th graders, as part of their after school program, as well as Music Therapy sessions for their 18+ adult day program. It also includes a “Night  Out”  series that combines a monthly dinner Balance hosts for adults living in their Community Supported Living houses and we present live music by local youth musicians.

  • Music therapy clinic

  • Healing through music

  • Expression through performance

  • Songwriting

  • Inspirational performer event


Continuing education focused on the performing arts, music education, or STEM fields. Recipients demonstrated leadership & community service.


Performing Arts Major


Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math Major


Music Education Major

Abbi Kisse - 2022 MATC - IT Web and Software Development 

Alex Lauersdorf - 2022 Concordia University

Amy Koo - 2022 Homestead High School - Biochemistry

Rebekah Stege – 2021 Homestead High School K-12 Music Education

Ainsley Fiegles – 2021 Homestead High School Music Performance

Heavin Kim – 2021 Homestead High School Biochemistry

Mark Empadu – 2019 MATC – Mequon Water Quality Technology

Cassidy Mertzip – 2019 Concordia University  Music Therapy

Nicole Aine Grady – 2019 Homestead High School Mechanical Engineering

Kim Bequist – 2018 MATC – Mequon IT – Security Specialist

Kristin Nus – 2018 Concordia University Music Major

Renee Schwarz – 2018 Homestead High School Theater Arts

Idowu Ademoroti – 2017 MATC – Mequon IT – Security Specialist

Amanda Kuenzl – 2017 Concordia University Music Education

Nicole Platz – 2017 Homestead High School  Technical Theater


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